For bold, vibrant and badass couples craving an outdoor adventure wedding with a smaller guest list or a "just us" elopement vibe!!

Reasons Why To Elope And Have A Small Wedding

Does an intimate and meaningful elopement or small adventure wedding somewhere in the warmth and diversity of Arizona, California or Hawaii feel more like you than something a bit bigger and in traditional venue? My short reason why my couples decide to elope are because they want to have meaningful authentic connections with all those attending, strip away pressures and obligation to please family with a big traditional wedding with guests you don't even know, want to have unique experiences and desire a celebration rich with adventures, belly laughs and romantic soul. But here is a list of reasons too...

1. A "Just Us Two" Experience
Just you two...and me haha. No stress. Wildly romantic. 100% focusing on just each other and creating the EXACT experience you've always wanted...leaving room for spontaneous moments!!

You deserve to be authentic on your wedding day and not putting on a "show" for guests. You can say your vows in an intimate wedding celebration the way you want and make your own rulebook for how the day goes.

3. Less Drama
 Families are complicated...I know from experience with my own traditional wedding...especially with joining two together sometimes. Whether you have a supportive and close relationship with your family or not, having an intentional guest list OR a "just you two" experience will provide less drama on your day. Your wedding is YOUR what makes you happy and make it ONLY about you's not's your day.

4. Value Experiences + Explore New Places + Adventuring
With a smaller guest list you get more options to have EPIC experiences and grand adventures. You will have more money to spend on things you truly want rather than ones you must have like in a traditional wedding. For your small wedding you can put your money towards the dress of your dreams, the bouquet you truly want, food you actually want to eat with possible a private chef and not buffet style dry chicken...yes I said it haha, higher end decor you couldn't get with your budget with a higher guest list, go on private adventure excursions/tours such a 4x4ing-air balloon-private yacht-hiking-helicopter ride-wine tasting-island hoping-etc. And if it's just you two the possibilities are ENDLESS!! Also, most National Parks and unique venues with amazing views have a limit on the guests you can this is definitely a PLUS. Also having a destination elopement or crossing off a bucket list location is easier to plan. 

5. Not Being The Center Of Attention
Everyone has their own authentic version of who they are and for some that doesn't include a big traditional wedding. Let me say this...YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A TRADITIONAL BIG WEDDING. If you two are more identifying as private and introverted, eloping and micro weddings gives you the freedom to have a simple, comfortable, care-free, relaxed and more "lifestyle" looking wedding.

6. Amazing & Epic Photos
You care so much about remembering your day and want to document all the intimate moments of you two having THE BEST TIME of your lives being your truest self.  Getting married in a beautiful scenic area is much more relaxing and breathtaking than stress rushing around a venue on a strict timeline taking tons of static poses with guests you may not even know trying to get to your own couples sunset portraits. Elopements and small wedding provide a co-created loose scheduled timeline and no people pleasing with traditional wedding day "family" posed portraits. Let's get the moments you truly judgement!

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Heyo!!! I'm Megan, your newest bestie and fun size elopement, adventurous wedding and bridal boudoir photographer traveling from the desert to the coast and beyond. I fully support out of the box thinking, adventuring outdoors, and here to capture rad love stories in all shapes/colors/forms and LGBTQ+ couples. I became an elopement photographer because I believe that everyone deserves a wedding experience that intentionally, authentically and meaningfully reflects them — because how you get married matters! Elopements aren’t a second-rate, lesser version of getting married. They’re a powerful, emotional and deeply profound and meaningful experience. And that’s why I’m here — to capture your love story the way it deserves to be told. I'm here to assist you in finding the perfect scenic locations whether out in national parks like the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Redwood, Sequoia, Haleakala, Arches or an intimate outdoor wedding with your closest family and friends in Sedona, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara, or Hawaii I'll research and provide an amazing list of specialty wedding vendors, help with location permits, list out fun and out of the box wedding day activities, wedding timeline creation, and more! I love co-creating THE PERFECT & UNIQUE experience with my couples that allows wiggle room for honest emotions to flow, artistic photos to be documented, some steamy romance, and playful shenanigans + YOLO moments to be had!! Have a destination or bucket list location or activity I'm totally down and ready for an epic road trip, train ride, yacht excursion or plane flight any day of the week to capture your wedding or elopement celebration. So let's freakin' do it and get this adventure started!! 

Big time advocate for doing whatever the heck you want...your love, your wedding, your epic story!!

Word On The Streets...Love Notes From Past Couples

Molly & Kyle

Megan is an AMAZING photographer!! From our initial phone call, I knew she was going to be so much fun! Megan was wonderful at checking in throughout my planning process, seeing if I needed any help. From giving directions for photos to dancing with us during the reception, she kept it professional and fun! Megan made it a priority to make sure my husband and I were comfortable and happy. She truly cares about your happiness and what kind of look you are going for. I am 100% going to work with her in the future!


Let's co-create your small wedding weekend or elopement party experience and bring it to life!!!!! I'm here to help you dream big, inspire you to think of out of the box ideas and do the activities you truly want to SAVOR in every delicious moment of your day. Whether it be a just for two destination adventure dancing in the sunset or a glam intimate celebration with loved ones or ALL OF THE ABOVE!! Let's co-creating something crazy beautiful together.

Intentionally-crafted elopements and intimate weddings for the wildly in love and untraditional

Bridal Boudoir



The Portfolio - Dreamy Head Over Heels Romance Adventures

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I am here to co-create and inspire you to dream big for your wedding. Have out of the box ideas. Enjoy once in a lifetime experiences and add meaningful or NEW traditions. Your unique collection is highly creative and a custom tailored experience created with only you in mind and not the cookie cutter traditional wedding packages. I offer this experience to 10 couples each year having under 30 guests and ONLY capture one event per weekend so I can be fully present for their day.

Inquire today to book your dream elopement or outdoor adventure wedding photography.

Small Wedding & Elopement  Pricing


Pricing begins at 2000

Sessions starting at 650
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Let's have a session that you can't wait to hang memories in your home!!! From the desert beauty of the Southwest to the boldness of the West Coast, I’ll help co-create your vision of a perfect photoshoot adventure that fits your vision and leaves you with printed artwork! AND as a Dog Mama...if you choose to bring your pups...I'll probably have a huge smile and give them lots belly rubs and delish treats!

Destination & Adventure Session Pricing

You will ALWAYS be my greatest adventure!!

Word On The Streets...Love Letter From Past Couples

Kaya & Campbell

Megan is a ball full of energy! She will have you laughing and smiling with every shot. The best part is she’ll hype you up to ensure you’re your at the peak of your confidence. She takes time and pays a lot of attention to detail! If you need a photographer with high energy and able to navigate any type of climate Megan is your got to! Pictures turned out better than I could’ve asked for!

Artistic and show stopping. I offer a variety of minimal and textured frames, metal & acrylic prints, keepsake boxes filled with hand-torn photographs, and more!

Wall & Other Print Artwork

My absolute favorite of all my artwork products!! Your album is going to be simply beautiful and the perfect conversation piece to all who see. Bring it out to reminisce with your partner for you anniversary or whenever you need a lil love pick-me up and share with family and friends during home get togethers and holiday gatherings.

Storytelling Albums

I believe in not just giving you your digitals but REALLY wanting you to experience being surrounded in your memories in your home! Your celebrations will be some of the best days of your life and your experience deserves more than just a few posts in Instagram and years unseen in a folder in your computer! 

Even before you step in front of my camera, I will start co-creating a vision of what you plan to do with your photographs and will guide you through different artwork best suited to genuinely reflect your personality and home decor style! Exclusive, handmade albums, books, boxes, frames and fine art prints are available.

Your Images Are Meant To Be Seen Every Single Day!

thank with you soon love!

Atlas Rose is a destination elopement, adventure wedding photographer, and portrait photographer based in Phoenix Arizona, Palm Springs, San Diego and Hawaii. We specialize in capturing meaningful, vibrant, and photos full of genuine connection and emotion. Photographing adventurous couples sessions, micro weddings and honeymoons in Oahu, Maui, Sedona, Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Joshua Tree National Park, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Big Sur, Redwood National Park, and the surrounding areas. Available for travel to other destinations.